Get Well – Soon!

Welcome to the Aunty Em’s. Being here shows that you’re ready to make some real changes in order to achieve the best level of physical health available to you.

The simple fact is that being healthy is not the same as being “not sick“. Being “healthy” refers to a virtually complete lack of disease, and a presence of vigour and vitality.

However, by contrast, most of us spend our lives in one of three zones. We start out in the vital zone. (New parents will attest to that!). Around our late twenties/early thirties, we slide into the tired zone. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. And finally, in our mid- to late-fifties, we slam into the sick zone. We stay there for anywhere up to fifty long years, and then we die. Doesn’t that sound like fun?

Well, friends, there’s good news, and we’ve got it. Because the truth is that our bodies were designed to be vital and well for the duration of our use of them. The key that unlocks this vitality is good nutrition, and this site is dedicated to sharing thesimplicity of complete wellness with you.

Our blog provides a series of easy-to-read notes that enable you to understand and achieve optimal nutrition for you and your family.

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