How I cook pumpkin



I cook pretty much all my squash this way – even gem squash. The main thing is to pay attention: when it smells done, it probably is. This here is how I cook pumpkin for pumpkin pie:

  1. Go to the Farmers’ Market and buy a great big pumpkin (I like the bright orange ones best for pie).
  2. When you get home, carve a hole in one end, then bung it in the oven and roast it at about 200 degrees celsius until it smells cooked and the shell turns brownish and bubbles in places. (I guess this is an hour or two, but I usually don’t check).
  3. When it’s cooled a bit, cut out a wedge of it, scrape out the seeds and peel off the skin with a sharp knife.
  4. Chop it roughly, place the pieces in a sieve and allow the excess water to drain.
  5. This should be about 2 cups, or roughly 450ml.
  6. Set aside

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