Candida Cleanse: Day 2

Yesterday I *officially* started on the no-fructose programme. I did have a miniscule scraping of honey and three dried banana chips, which combined to make me bloat. I feel like I’m starting to make progress, being able to pinpoint the cause of my woes with more accuracy. And I feel great – clearer head, clearer skin (not much, but still), energy and all that jazz! There’s a general sense of well-being in our home today.

I found a product online which I am very keen to try. It’s called Candidex and it’s available through a website called Nutrineeds. My sister introduced me to this site because they offer online correspondence training in nutritional counselling. I am so excited about that! Next year I will definitely be studying nutrition through these folks, and finally be in a position to help people.

Getting the balance right.

Aromat: packaged poison.

Aromat: packaged poison.

Last week I posted a frustrated update on our health and how exhausted and sick I felt. I did some serious soul-searching and realised that the cause for these symptoms lay not with SCD, but with me. Firstly, I had eaten a miniscule piece of a pork chop which was literally covered in Aromat (pure MSG!) I thought a tiny bit would be okay but, evidently, I was wrong. (I also had about 3 tablespoons of red wine – which was delicious. Between the sulphur and the yeast-feeding alcohol and my personal convictions, this was not smart).

Secondly, I was getting up at 4AM to go running every day (which is awesome), and then working until after 10 at night. Not smart. After reading a fascinating article at brainpickings (LOVE this site), I realised that I really need to pay more attention to getting enough rest, and stop equating sleep with laziness and sloth.

I also spoke to others on SCD and saw how well they’re doing – including my sister, who is very like me in many ways. I finally realised that my old friend Candida had reared it’s ugly head, and that it was time to really address this issue properly. I’ve been trying to cut out sugar (well, fruit and honey), and found it nearly impossible to do so. Apparently this is a symptom of a candida infestation. I was very motivated and inspired by an article at Health Extremist, which outlines the reasons to follow the yeast free diet, how to do it (very basically) and how long it takes to see results. I’ve often given up if I don’t see results within a week or so, but it really takes up to three months to see any improvement. So, we’ll see. I’ll go sugar free from tomorrow (since today’s already shot), and monitor the results. I’m very hopeful about the outcome, and looking forward to MUCH better health!

Under the weather

Despite eating no carbs, drinking no alcohol, completely eschewing all processed foods, and focusing on organic and healthy choices, I am bloated, constipated and sore. My skin is terrible – I look like a wrinkle-faced teenager who’s just hit puberty! My joints ache and I’m exhausted. My hair is dull and lifeless. I am utterly despondent – my so-called SCD lifestyle miracle is not helping me right now, and neither is the two grand’s worth of supplements in my medicine cabinet. Despite working out six days a week (cardio AND weights), in moderation, and getting enough sleep, I have no energy, no motivation. I am focusing on cultivating a more joyful attitude to life, and today, it’s not happening. I want to be svelte and unbloated. I want clear skin, bright eyes, and shiny hair. I want energy, passion and zest for life.

I want health.

If this isn’t the way to get it, what in the world is?


Last year I had two simple goals when it came to food, and in fact when I started the year I had no idea about either of them.

The first was to poach a perfect egg. I’d never achieved this and I had pretty much given up on the idea altogether. “Some people just can’t”, I told myself. However, during the course of 2012 I stumbled across a blog post (which, for some reason, I did NOT bookmark! How did that happen?!?), which explains the process in simple steps. In fact, the steps seemed so simple, I just had to give it a go. I did, and whaddya know? Perfectly poached eggs! Huzzah! I experimented a few times, with success each time, so I know it works.

The second goal I didn’t know I had for last year was learning to cook and serve delicious, beautiful food – without any grain or starch.

To be honest, I didn’t think it would happen. Until about six months ago I had virtually no interest in food preparation at all. I didn’t enjoy the process, and I certainly didn’t care very much how it looked. It was simple (the way I like things): 1 protein, 1 starch, 1 portion veg. Three fairly even divisions of food groups, neatly(ish) laid out on a plate. Your options, O Recipient of Meal? Eat or starve. See? Simple.

However, since discovering SCD, Paleo, GAPS and the wealth of attendant recipes, my culinary adventures have been transformed! I now love to cook, I take pleasure in delightful plating (which is a long way from looking good, but at least I know what the term means now – or even that the term exists!). Meal times are FUN, and one of my primary de-stress activities.

Fast-forward to NOW.

My culinary goals for this year are: (Maestro, drum-roll if you please) …

That’s it. Well, actually, there was something else but my brain is full and the other goal fell out. Ah well, I’ll add it if I remember.

Sweet nothings

Day two of the “no fructose” plan was a disaster. I ate TWO bowls (small ones, but still) of chocolate-coated candied orange peel (made by me), and had half a teaspoon of honey in my coffee. The result? Exhaustion, sore joints, headache, grumpiness, fatigue and skin lesions. *Sigh*. I am so addicted to the sweet stuff that I’m actually considering getting a strong course of antifungals from a GP and not changing my gluttonous ways. I miss bananas most of all, although cocoa with honey is right up there, too.

Surely I can go more than two days without sweetness? Or maybe I really AM that bitter that I need all the help I can get! 

Have you ever tried cutting out ALL sugars from your diet? How did it go? What were the results?

Happy, HEALTHY New Year!

Welcome to 2013, everybody! I’m not a big fan of New Year’s resolutions, generally speaking. For one thing, it lets you get away with 11 months of NOT improving yourself and your life. And for another thing, it puts too much pressure on the beginning of a year that probably brings enough stress of its own without us adding to it.

Having said that, I do have some goals for this year, and one of them is to keep my blogs up to date. This is a work in progress, so I’ll start with an update on today. I’m trying to clean out my system, so there’ll be no fructose (honey or fruit) for at least a month, starting from today. So far it’s harder than it should be – I’m such a sweet-stuff-addict! It doesn’t help that I made chocolate-coated candied citrus peel and choc-coconut clusters yesterday. *Sigh*.

Sauerkraut is full of probiotics - great for gut health! (And easy to make at home)

Sauerkraut is full of probiotics – great for gut health! (And easy to make at home)

Today for breakfast I had sauerkraut and toasted sunflower seeds, which was actually very nice. Sauerkraut is noted for its healing properties, but more on that another time. Lunch was delicious chicken mayo salad, and I promise to post my mayo recipe soon!