Beat colds and ‘flu

Protect your children this winter with the potency of GNLD's All C chewable Vitamin C tablets

Protect your children this winter with the potency of GNLD’s All C chewable Vitamin C tablets

As the icy Winter wind blows away the last of the colourful Autumn leaves, and tress stand naked against the elements, our thoughts inevitably turn towards our health and that of our children. How can we keep those pesky colds and debilitating flu bugs at bay?

Your first port of call in a winter flu storm is Vitamin C. GNLD’s chewable All C with NeoPlex concentrate contains the complete phytonutrient spectrum of whole oranges. This means you get Vitamin C the way nature intended you to. We’ve added valuable phytonutrients from rosehips (download a tasty rosehip jam recipe here), acerola cherries and other whole food sources, so that you get the maximum possible value in each Vitamin C tablet.

GNLD's chewable All-C tastes great and contains the perfect blend of vitamin C to protect you and your family from colds and fluOne delicious All C chewable tablet provides the nutritional equivalent of four whole, freshly picked oranges. GNLD uses each element you’d find in a freshly grown orange (except the water) to enhance the absorption of Vitamin C in your body – without the chapped lips you’d get from actually eating four whole oranges in one sitting!

Great tasting, easy to chew and swallow, and nutritionally complete, your kids will love their daily dose of Vitamin C – and so will you!

GNLD takes health seriously. Every product they manufacture has been researched by the best scientific minds in the world, and the research never stops! What’s more, all nutritional supplement ingredients are sourced purely from whole food sources – and the best quality whole foods, at that. What does that mean for you and your family? Well, basically, if it’s not a food people normally eat, it’s not considered a source of ingredients for GNLD’s nutritional product range. It’s as simple as that. Get yours today in our store. (Read more about whole food sources here).

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